Understanding Sleep Problems in Irish Setters: The Hidden Struggle

sleep problem in irish setters

Are you the proud owner of an Irish Setter? If so, chances are that at one point or another during their lifetime, they’ve experienced some kind of sleep issue. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common issue in these beautifully-colored canines – but the good news is that there are ways to help them get the … Read more

How To Handle An Irish Setter’s Barking

how to handle an Irish Setter's barking

If you’ve ever owned an Irish Setter, then you know that their barking can be both a source of admiration and frustration. When these breed’s unique personality traits combine with their natural curiosity, they just love to bark! While this is one of the reasons people adore them, it can also lead to unwanted disruption in … Read more

Why Does My Irish Setter Keep Attacking Me?

why does my irish setter keep attacking me

Why does my Irish Setter keep attacking me? If your Irish Setter attacks you, you must find out why. Your dog may see you as a playmate rather than an authoritative figure. Jumping, biting, and other aggression might result. Consider your dog’s age and training and socialization needs. Fear may encourage your dog’s dominance, so … Read more

Irish Setter Coat Care in Winter: Your Pup’s Warmth Guide

irish setter coat care in winter

As the days grow shorter and a subtle frostiness graces the air, a palpable excitement comes with the onset of winter. But amidst our preparations for the cozy season, we mustn’t forget our furry companions who rely on us to navigate the chilly months ahead. In particular, if you’re fortunate enough to share your life … Read more

Is Congestive Heart Failure in Irish Setters a Common Occurrence? Learn it Here!

congestive heart failure in irish setter

Do suspect congestive heart failure in Irish Setter? I know it’s not the most cheerful topic, but it’s important to talk about nonetheless. You see, Irish setters are a beloved breed of dog with a lot of heart (quite literally!). But unfortunately, they’re also prone to this condition, which can be serious if left untreated. … Read more