Irish Setter Breeding and Reproduction: Crafting Canine Perfection

Have you ever wondered what goes into producing a purebred dog? Well, let’s take a deeper look into the world of Irish Setter breeding and reproduction. The breeding process can be complex and extensive to ensure the resulting puppies’ health and quality. It involves carefully selecting the right mate, ensuring they have proper health clearances and … Read more

How To Identify A Good Irish Setter Puppy

how to identify a good irish setter puppy

Are you thinking about bringing home a new furry family member? A little ball of energy to run around with and shower with love? Well, have you considered getting an Irish Setter puppy? These pups are known for their beauty, loyalty, and athleticism, making them the perfect addition to an active household. But, before you … Read more

Where to Buy Irish Setter? Your Guide to Finding a Quality Irish Setter

where to buy irish setter

Do you know where to buy Irish Setter? Finding the perfect breed for your family is indeed an exciting process. You might want a furry companion with loyalty, intelligence, and a fun-loving spirit. Thus, you will fall in love with the Irish Setter. With their beautiful red coat and playful personalities, they make wonderful pets. … Read more

Irish Setter Hunting Dog Breeders: How to Find a Reliable Breeder?

irish setter hunting dog breeders (featured image)

Are you looking to get an Irish setter but didn’t have the chance to adopt one from a shelter? Worry not, as there are many Irish setter hunting dog breeders raising pups nowadays. But be wary, as environmental factors can affect the puppy’s growth and well-being.  The most reputable Irish setter breeders are those with complete health certifications. … Read more

Are Irish Setters Stubborn? What’s Good and Bad About this Breed

are irish setters stubborn

Are Irish Setters stubborn? This must be among the most common questions asked if you consider bringing one of these beautiful, loving dogs into your home. As with any breed, they have their individual qualities. But overall, certain characteristics set this breed apart from the rest. So what kind of dog is an Irish Setter? … Read more

Irish Setter Puppies for Sale in Missouri: Top Guide

irish setter puppies for sale missouri

Are you looking for Irish setter puppies for sale in Missouri? Finding the right puppies for the next family companion is not easy. Who says blondes enjoy life more? Any respectable Irish Setter would refute the such assertion. Not just because of their flame-colored coat, but also because of their agility, elegance, and excitement, these … Read more

How Much Are Irish Setter Dogs? See Here!

how much are Irish setter dogs

Are you considering adopting or buying an Irish setter for your next pet? Then you’re likely curious about how much are Irish setter dogs. When purchasing a purebred gundog from a reliable breeder, expect to pay between $700 and $3,500. Meanwhile, adopting a setter, young or old, can cost you up to $300 and below.  Here’s all you need to know about … Read more