Are Irish Setters Aggressive? The Truth About This Breed

Are Irish Setters Aggressive?

Every dog breed is unique! It’s your constant companion, best friend, and source of unconditional affection. You probably picked an Irish Setter since you loved them and thought they might have particular characteristics that’d suit the lifestyle. But are Irish Setters aggressive? There is a lot of misinformation out there about Irish Setters. Some people … Read more

Coat Problem Of Irish Setter – Vital facts

This attractive Irish redhead is known for her upbeat demeanor and boundless energy. The Irish Setter enjoys running. They are a peaceful and enjoyable companion. For families with older children, the Irish Setter is a terrific choice.  They are, however, probably too boisterous to be left alone with toddlers. When someone approaches, Irish Setters will … Read more

Shocking Behavior Problems Of Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is one of the world’s gorgeous breeds. Their beautiful flowing red cloak is a perfect reflection of their devotion to the Emerald Isle. These canines, however, have more to offer than simply their beauty queen reputation. The Irish are skilled athletes with a soft and easygoing disposition who blends in well with … Read more