The Energy Level Of An Irish Setter

Irish Setters are lovable dogs known not just for their flame-colored hair, but also for their elegance, and excitement. You can count on an Irish Setter to be a joyful, pleasant companion that is always eager to rock and roll. They were created originally as bird dogs. 

The Irish Setter preserves its predecessors’ drive and vitality. Nothing makes them happier than trying new things and seeing new locations. Particularly if they include birds. Although they are not as commonly seen in the field as other sports breeds, their hunting instinct remains strong.

Irish Setters’ Energy Levels

While the Irish Setter adores everyone, they are not suitable for every household. They are full of energy and demand at least an hour of training every day. 

It is important that they have a large fenced-in yard or area where they may run. As is a busy family that includes them in whatever they do. If they are left to their own devices, they may generate separation anxiety or become dangerous. 

Aside from their abilities on the field, Irish Setters thrive in a variety of other pursuits. This includes competitions in obedience, rally, tracking, and skill. They are wonderful therapy dogs due to their amazing temperaments. To accommodate Irish Setters, you must have an active lifestyle.

How to Calm an Excited Irish Setter

✔️ Put on Some Music

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you undoubtedly have a go-to song. But did you know that music may also help Irish Setters relax? Music can help them manage stress and anxiety. 

According to research, playing music can help people lower their heart rates, cortisol levels, and other stress-related symptoms. There is also soothing music specially designed for them. 

When you’re away from home, it can assist alleviate separation anxiety. Also, lessen tension during storms or fireworks displays. When kids become worried, try playing some music or turning on the radio.

✔️ Consider Aromatherapy

Yes, aromatherapy is available for Irish Setters. Aromatherapy can help calm down an anxious pet. They can be soothed by essential oils. You just must exercise caution. 

Use no essential oils that you have lying around the home. Purchase a vet-approved, specifically prepared pet oil instead. These will have the correct oil balance and will be adequately diluted. 

When applying the oil, be careful to rub it down their back and avoid putting it in spots where they could lick it off. Don’t forget to conduct your study on which essential oils dogs prefer and which you should avoid.

✔️ Get some Physical Activity

When your Irish Setter becomes agitated or energetic, go for a walk or play fetch with him. This can assist relieve excess energy and working out any tensions caused by being pent up for too long or being anxious. A frisbee and some fresh air can do wonders for you. 

If your Irish Setter is still energetic, take pauses when playing fetch. Have them sit and establish eye contact with you every time they return the ball to you before you toss it again. This can help them relax. 

Avoid other dogs and dog parks until your dog has calmed down. Otherwise, too much social stimulation may cause them to become even more stressed.

✔️ Soothe them

Place your Irish Setter in a room with no outside stimulus. This is not a timeout, but rather a mechanism to unwind and reset. It can be useful to put some of your clothing there. Never underestimate the importance of physical contact. 

Pets that are slow and steady, as well as belly massages, may make a great impact. Examine your personal stress levels. Irish Setters may detect and feed on your tension. Take deep breaths and make sure you’re speaking calmly.

✔️ Keep in Mind Reinforcement

Positive conduct should be reinforced, while poor behavior should be discouraged. When your Irish Setter starts leaping, barking, or being crazy, don’t reach out to pat or comfort them right away. 

This might educate your pet that these actions are effective at attracting your attention quickly. When they’re acting this way, avoid making eye contact or touching them. They can cease this behavior and calm down if they are ignored. Then they cope with stress constructively and don’t forget to treat them.

How to make your Irish Setter Behave?

👍🏻 Socialize them

An Irish Setter will usually respond violently if they feel threatened in some way. They can also tell when their owners are frightened or when they don’t like how particular individuals treat them. And they will react in harmony with their owners’ emotions. 

Encourage those you trust to interact with the dog more and to be more confident when walking him. This will also allow to calm them down. Setting guidelines for them may be accomplished by detecting the indications before they bark and correcting them before they begin. The owner must establish rules and limits, and their dog will obey them.

👍🏻 Obedience Training

It is critical that your Irish Setter undergo fundamental obedience training. You might begin by teaching them the fundamentals and progress to harder jobs. Positive reinforcement orders are used. 

This is especially true if you have just gotten your first puppy and it is still extremely wild. You may reinforce this strategy by rewarding them with a tiny treat anytime they exhibit appropriate behavior. 

When contrasted to utilizing punishment to teach children commands, this will develop your relationship more. Instead of rewarding negative conduct with attention, focus on encouraging positive behavior.

👍🏻 Toilet Training

We’d all rather walk our pets than sit at our desks all day. Unfortunately, this is not an option for many of us. That is why we must teach our Irish Setters not to pee inside the home all of the time. It is far less costly to train your Irish Setter. 

You should begin training them at a young age and enforce regular mealtimes with no snacks or sweets in between. Initially, try to walk them as frequently as possible to allow them to pee. This should be done after every meal, nap, and every 60 minutes. 

Make use of their keen sense of smell by returning to the same location each time. They will notice this and do their business there. Stay with them on the stroll rather than leaving them in the yard on his own. Similarly, positive reinforcement is an excellent strategy for teaching kids the proper way to behave. Give them compliments and sweets.

👍🏻 Patience

It is critical to be patient and not to allow your feelings to dictate your demeanor. Be patient and wait until your Irish Setter exhibits the desired behavior, which you can then reinforce. 

Keep as quiet as possible at all times. They have a keen understanding of their owner’s present mood and will react accordingly. Invest time with them and spend some time teaching them.

👍🏻 Exercise Training

A lack of exercise can lead to a variety of behavioral disorders. Exercise not only prevents problems but also provides various health advantages for your pet. Fearful pets might even gain confidence. It is critical to choose the proper dog breed for your lifestyle. 

The amount of exercise your dog need is determined by age and breed, but at least 30-60 minutes a day is required. Find a gym companion in your dog and go running with them or play with them. A dog who is kept busy will behave better overall.

Choosing a Nutritious Dog Food for an Irish Setter

With high energy comes good food. That’s how that goes right? Anyway, the food that your Irish Setter consumes contributes significantly to their high energy level. There are some basic recommendations to follow when deciding what to feed your Irish Setter.

⚪ Don’t Get Taken in by Ads

Remember that advertising on television, in publications, and stores is aimed toward humans. Even the look of the bag or container label is intended for human consumption. Don’t be deceived by nice advertising and pretty visuals. 

Do some research for the sake of your pet. Labels using marketing phrases like “premium” or “gourmet” are effective for selling dog food, but they lack an official meaning identified by the FDA or pet food producers.

⚪ Choose between Canned or Dry Dog Food

Giving your Irish Setter canned food instead of dry food is a matter of preference and budget. The majority of them will be fine on either. On rare occasions, an Irish Setter may be sensitive to the type of diet. 

They may acquire symptoms indicating that their system is unable to properly metabolize the meal. Canned food is often more costly than dry food alternatives, although it contains around 75% water.

⚪ Check the Label

Check for the AAFCO declaration on the label. Membership in AAFCO is optional, however, it sets rules for pet food composition and manufacturing. 

This label provides consumers with the certainty that the food satisfies the basic nutritional needs of the animal stated on the container.

⚪ Check the Elements

Dogs are omnivores, which means they can consume meat, grains, and vegetables. However, the first ingredient should be described as meat rather than a “meat by-product.” 

Seeing the term chicken on the ingredient label indicates that the meat is predominantly made up of muscle tissue. However, the animal’s diaphragm or heart can be included.

You also want to make sure that the first item isn’t a grain, tuber, or vegetable. Unless, of course, you’re giving your Irish Setter a vegetarian diet. Keep an eye out for potentially harmful additives such as grapeseed oil.

⚪ Compare Ingredients

Compare the ingredients of various dog food products. The components on the label are listed in weight order, as they are contained in the food’s formula. Water-containing ingredients are generally listed first.

⚪ Check the Nutrition

Check the tag for the “proximate analysis,” which will tell you how much protein, fat, and fiber are in the product. The recommended quantity to feed your pet depends on its healthy weight. It is featured on the side of most pet food packages. 

Of course, it is difficult for the manufacturer to personalize the quantity provided to each specific pet. So, take this data as a starting point and keep an eye on your pet’s bodily health. 

The calorie content is unlikely to be printed on the bag or can, so you’ll need to phone the firm or look it up online. If you have any problems with your pet’s weight or condition, contact your veterinarian.

⚪ Find the most Recent Bundle

Once you’ve decided on a sort of food, you must ensure that it’s still fresh. Check the container’s sell-by date. To improve palatability, dry food is sprayed with fat on the exterior. 

Fat will ultimately turn rancid due to exposure to air and light. Heat increases the likelihood of rancidity. Before you take the bag home, make sure it is not damaged and has no holes. 

For the sake of inventory turnover, pet businesses will place the most aged food at the top of the pile or the front of the line. It makes it logical for them to sell the oldest food first. Simply look to see whether the product at the rear or bottom of the row or stack has a significantly further date. And, if necessary, take from the bottom of the rear.

⚪ Store it Properly

Dry dog food should be stored in an airtight container in a cold, dark room, still in its original bag. Refrigerate any leftover canned food that has been covered. Unopened canned food should be kept cold and dry. 

It is advised to use up unsealed dog dry food within 6 weeks. This is true as long as it is properly kept. And because of the fat content, dry dog food might go rancid.

High Energy Giving Treats for Irish Setter

Giving your Irish Setter treats throughout the day is a fantastic way to refuel for their high activity. Instead of offering them complete meals to replenish their energy, these natural delights are an acceptable option.

🟢 Apples

An apple a day does not keep the veterinarian away. And while a full apple might be too much for them, they are healthy for Irish Setters just like they are for people. These are fantastic snacks since they are high in nutrients and fiber. Just don’t allow your Irish Setter to eat the seeds or the core.

🟢 Carrots

It’s high in beta carotene and other vitamins. Carrots are usually always in your kitchen. Some dogs have a habit of swallowing without chewing. So, if you have one, make sure the carrot bits are the right size.

🟢 Watermelon

Most Irish Setters, like humans, enjoy watermelon as a pleasant, hydrating, and nutritious food. Remove any seeds and do not give them the rind.

🟢 Cooked Sweet Potatoes

Cooked sweet potatoes may not appear to be convenient, but because they stay well in the refrigerator, they are. 

It’s rather simple to roast some extra to share with your animal family member over the week. It is preferable to keep them simple. Never feed uncooked potatoes to Irish Setters.

🟢 Bananas

We’re all aware that bananas are high in nutrients. Most Irish Setters adore them as well. As a result, they are a logical choice that you most likely have on hand at all times. 

Just be careful not to overdo it. Given their high sugar content, bananas should be given to dogs in moderation.

🟢 Broccoli

Cruciferous vegetables are well-known for their health advantages. Broccoli is also a wonderful choice for puppies. As a reward, feel free to offer them a couple of little pieces. 

Please leave them uncooked or unseasoned. They, like humans, have an easier time digesting cooked high-fiber diets, although either is harmless.

🟢 Cooked Squash

Squashes, when cooked, are excellent natural treats for Irish Setters. Because there are numerous types of squash that are safe for children, this is an excellent option all year. 

Butternut squash, yellow squash, and zucchini are all excellent choices. Pumpkin, too. Simply remove the seeds and, in the case of the butternut, the rind.


Strawberries are vitamin C powerhouses that Irish Setters adore. They are heavy in sugar, just like bananas. So keep that in mind while determining how many to give.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Irish Setters ever relax?

A: They may be lively and exuberant, like many large and athletic dogs. The Irish Setter, on the other hand, matures into a calm and dignified friend.

Q: Is it possible to leave Irish Setters alone?

A: Irish Setters require more interaction than most other breeds and dislike being left alone for more than a few hours.

Q: Is an Irish Setter an appropriate first dog?

A: Irish Setters are sociable, loving dogs who get along well with both children and other pets, making them an excellent choice for a new family member.

Final Thoughts

Irish Setters are among the most active dog breeds. They are also the most devoted pets. It is critical that you understand how to manage their high energy levels. It is one of their sources of energy for living their lives. 

That is why it is critical to provide them with a nutritious diet. A healthy Irish Setter will be more fun and energetic. It is critical that you replenish them with just the greatest nutrients.