4 Best Dog Food For Your Irish Setter

Are you looking for the finest dog food for your Irish Setter? In America, the Irish Setter is a rather uncommon dog breed. Irish setters have a level of intelligence that every pet owner admires. To stay on top of their game, they, like any other dog, require high-quality food. It might be difficult to … Read more

The Energy Level Of An Irish Setter

Irish Setters are lovable dogs known not just for their flame-colored hair, but also for their elegance, and excitement. You can count on an Irish Setter to be a joyful, pleasant companion that is always eager to rock and roll. They were created originally as bird dogs.  The Irish Setter preserves its predecessors’ drive and … Read more

Irish Setter Exercise Needs: How to Keep Them Physically and Mentally Healthy

Irish Setter Exercise Needs

Irish Setters need exercise just like humans do. Any dog breed needs to exercise regularly because they are not as good as humans at controlling their body temperature. If you have an Irish Setter, it is important to ensure that you are providing enough exercise, or they may become obese or develop other physical and … Read more